RECIPE: Hot Cross Bun Chocolate Bar

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Easter baking project sorted!

Hot Cross Bun Chocolate Bar

Fruit and Nut Crunchy Gianduja
Chocolate, Milk “Alunga” 39% 300g
Hazelnut praline 600g
Raisins 70g
Orange, candied, diced 40g
Rice puffs 50g
Sea Salt 4g
Almonds, toasted and diced 25g
TOTAL 1089g

  1. Temper milk chocolate and combine all ingredients. Spread in a 6mm high frame 365x264mm
  2. Allow to fully crystallise before portioning to 35x95mm

Orange Spiced Reduction
1x slab
Orange juice 400g
Glucose 100g
Cinnamon, ground 1g
Mixed spice, ground 0.5g
Cloves, ground 0.5g
Vanilla paste 10g
TOTAL 492g

  1. Place all ingredients in a saucepan and bring to a simmer. Boil to approximately 105C or to a thick sauce consistency.

Hot X Bun Ganache
Milk Chocolate “Alunga” 39% 200g
Cream 35% fat 170g
Glucose 30g
Butter 65g
Hot Cross Bun Powder (Hot Cross Bun dried out & powdered) 40g
Cinnamon, ground 1g
Mixed spice, ground 0.5g
Cardamom, ground 0.5g
Vanilla paste 5g
Orange Zest 0.8g
Lemon Zest 0.8g
TOTAL 513.6g

  1. Place milk chocolate in a container that can be stick blended
  2. Heat cream, glucose and butter to 60C and pour over chocolate
  3. Allow cream and chocolate to sit for 1 minute and stick blend to emulsify
  4. Add remaining ingredients and stir well to combine
  5. Pour into a disposable piping bag and place on marble to cool. Use at 28C
  6. This recipe will be ready to use immediately

Golden Brown Cocoa Butter Spray
Cocoa Butter 70g
Gold Sparkle powder 5g
Ponceau Red Liposoluble colour 0.5
Tartrazine Yellow Liposoluble colour 0.5
Chocolate, Dark “Guyaquil” 64% 50g
Titanium dioxide 1g
TOTAL 127g

  1. Melt cocoa butter over direct heat to 50C
  2. Add remaining ingredients and stick blend to combine
  3. Temper by cooling to 31C and spray 30mm half sphere mould

Assembly and Finishing

  1. Spray 30mm half sphere mould with tempered cocoa butter spray to reach desired effect.
  2. Coat the mould with tempered Cacao Barry Lactee Superieur 38.2%
  3. Fill each mould with 2g Orange Spiced Reduction.
  4. Top each mould to fill with Hot Cross Bun Ganache and scrape the mould which won’t require capping. Allow to crystallise and unmould
  5. Enrobe the Fruit and Nut Gianduja with tempered Cacao Barry Lactee Superieur 38.2% and place 3 filled Hot Cross domes on top before the chocolate crystallises
  6. Pipe tempered Cacao Barry Zephyr white chocolate in a “X” design